Perspectivas/Parcerias de Investimentos


Exploration of diamonds’ mine

Diamond Project

Investment in Education / Education

Construction Project of Teaching Institution:

Primary teaching: 1st to 6th grade;

Middle School teaching: from 7th to 9th grade;

Highschool teaching: from 10th to 12th grade;

Technological specialization courses.

Investment in Health

Construction project of a private hospital.

Investment in IT

Company of Information and CommunicationTechnology.

Investment in the Transforming Industry

Plastic Transforming Company;

Investment studies in serum and cookiesfactories


Trading of rough diamonds from Angola;

Buying of products for trading;

Available for new investments


Investment in the real-estate market

  • Acquisition and restoration of properties;
  • Renting of restored properties (offices and houses);
  • Acquisition of land for the construction of buildings.